Not only am I God’s love unfolding into life Always, but so are you.. and so is every other person. I’m trying to take this thought in for myself. I’m trying to feel this in my heart. This understanding that we are not separate from God, but part of God ourselves. That we are God and God is us. I can sense an opening in myself for this idea.. but I find the understanding that every other human being is also part of God harder to take in. Only because there are so many “bad” people in the world choosing to do bad things. Part of me understands the logic that God’s intention in creating me was no different than in creating them, so they must come from the same place that I do. They must also be part of God. I just need to find the space in myself to let that understanding in. Logic isn’t always very effective where the heart comes into play, let’s be honest.

Robert’s show today was about the archetypal message of the Crucifixion. “Can you meet others in this understanding that you are God’s love unfolding into life always, but so are they?” He asked. “If not, what do you need to sacrifice to get there?”

That is the part I’m still working on. As always, with Robert’s shows, this is something that I have to spend some time thinking about. Journalling about. Robert’s good for that – finding openings for new perspectives.



2011-10-26-the day owen followed nevi and hermie home 2011-11-25-owen-in-doorway-sunlight 2012-05-03 Owen with dragon 325240_10150361229185896_839334507_o 383733_10150408860295896_175402806_n 387553_10150408860360896_1591378505_n

My heart is broken. Our little family lost one of its members today.

That first picture is from the day Owen followed Dani and Nevi home. Hard to believe it’s dated from 10/2011. Seems like he was a part of our home way longer than that…

Just sitting in the living room tonight I couldn’t help but think it was way too quiet. Where’s the sound of Owen yowling in random empty rooms? He’s gonna come barreling through here like the Devil is chasing him any minute now… How will I sleep without him purring on my chest or yowling in my face to get up? I will miss our obnoxious little furball so, so much.


Easy Holiday Infinity Scarf

Such a fun and EASY idea. Great for a quick Christmas gift or to spiff up your own holiday outfit!

scarf8-500 scarf17-500

I can’t wait to try this myself! *starts flinging old tshirts out of the closet*

WobiSobi has the full tutorial here



Shifting Gears


I’ve been taking a break from making plushies the last couple of weeks since I finally got my old laptop to cooperate long enough to transfer my files. I’ve been sifting through those files, putting things back in order in my current laptop with all the new stuff. The most important part of getting those files off the old laptop was getting all my artwork. All my scans waiting to be colored and the pieces that I’d finished coloring but hadn’t shared yet. I was heartbroken when the computer just died and they were lost. Turns out there was a frayed spot in the cord right where it connects to the battery pack. I managed – after months of depression at the loss – to rig it up with some electrical tape just long enough to save the files off it. The techno gods truly smiled on me that day. I literally did a happy dance all around my room.

I’m so happy and so, so grateful to have my artwork back – especially the beautifull pieces that I had finished coloring already. Having them back has brought me out of the drawing drought and I am trying to put time for that back into my busy schedule. This means, unfortunately, that I will be moving slower on plushie-making, but I had actually been planning a little space for experimentation in the new year anyway. I have other sewing projects that I’ve been wanting to try out and now that I don’t have any commissions in the queue, I’m gonna play a little.

Let’s hope some new, awesome things come out of the experiments!

I just updated my portfolio pages for the Baby Scrap Dragons and Commissions & Gifts to show off some of my newer work. (Now with bigger, shinier pictures!) So make sure to take a look at the new stuff!


Now offering a Boyfriend Bundle discount!

seth-commission-siris-2014-09 1169x1030

I’m finally getting my currently available plushies and plush art dolls up in my Etsy shop. At the moment I’ve got Siris, an original character from “The Parliament of Twilight: Episode One” available. He’s a Limited Edition plush art doll. Right now, there are only two of them available. He was a commission from the authors and they loved him so much they asked me to make a couple more to sell for them as a special offer.

seth-cb-bakuman-shuujin-2013-crop2 seth-cb-bakuman-mashiro-2013 1468x2092

I also have Mashiro and Shuujin from the anime “Bakuman”. You can purchase them separately or use the new Boyfriend Bundle listing to get a $15.00 discount on both dolls.

Currently I am in the last stages of making 2 more Excaliburs to sell, since I was so happy with how the commission turned out and about halfway done with some Julians to keep Siris company. After that, I’ve got my eye on a Grell and Undertaker, since they are one of my very favourite pairings! *evil glint in eye*


Excalibur from “Soul Eater” Plush Commission

1415240919076 1415241203240 original

So So happy with how he turned out! And Jake literally squealed when I presented his Excalibur. lol (He even told me the next day that he slept with his plush that night!)

Excalibur was handmade. The eyes are hand-embroidered. He’s got 3 little buttons on his shirt dress and I used velcro to attach the cane so Jake could change the placement and smack people with it while yelling “FOOL!” XD

I’m working on a couple extras, since he turned out so well. They’ll be for sale in my Etsy store as soon as they’re done.

Next up on my list of commissions is a Julian (from “Parliament of Twilight” yaoi novels) so his boyfriend Siris won’t be lonely anymore. He’s been very insistent, let me tell you! I’ll post them both when Julian’s finished.

~ Seth

Need a Little Help In the Garden?

seth-scrp-drgn-harvey-2013-collage-1024-768Harvey is my newest Baby Scrap Dragon. He loves being outside. His favorite thing is sleeping in trees and watching clouds. He also loves gardening and digging in the dirt. Don’t be surprised if you catch him nibbling on the little weeds that look like flowers. (I hear the purple ones taste the best.) He’s a very good little dragon though. He never chews on the actual flowers.

He is looking for his forever home. Could it be with you?

Click here to adopt him and make him a super happy little dragon.

~ Seth

Pricing Structure

Just a little heads up. I got schooled by senpai at Nijicon. This and other revelations I had this weekend about my craft have inspired me to change the pricing structure on my plushies – including what I am now calling plush art dolls, due to the technical difficulty of their construction and the time spent working on them. I have updated my Commissions and FAQs to reflect this change.

I will be posting new plushies and plush art dolls to my Etsy shop in the next couple of days, once I sort out my inventory from Nijicon.

I am looking forward to having the winter (because I’m so not traveling very far in the snow) to work on more plushies, my Schwoopie Towne art and trying out some new ideas. I have so, so many ideas running rampant in my head. lol

~ Seth

Case of Mistaken Identity

Just wanted to drop a post here saying that if you picked up my business card at RamenCon thinking I was the artist of all that beautifull artwork, you will be disappointed to find I am in fact the plushie maker from our booth. My friend Nevi Star is actually the artist but their business cards didn’t get printed in time for RamenCon. You need to check out Hermit & Star for more of her artwork.

RamenCon Totally Happened!

2014-09-21 ramencon booth day 3

Curse that glare! Our booth looked awesome! This is a shot of our Day 3 set up. So proud of this! We learned fast after the 1st and 2nd day and adjusted the set up each day to show off more prints and plushies – though, as you can see, I didn’t have many plushies left by day 3. Maya – who I hadn’t even had a chance to post here before the convention – went home with a Doctor Who #11 cosplayer (how cool is that?) and Janky was adopted by this adorable lady in a cute little black hat who’s going to teach him to crochet. I love it! I’ve still got a few little plush friends who need homes but maybe they will find them at NijiCon next month..

I handed out tons on tons of rack cards and business cards so, with luck, maybe I’ll be drowning in commissions soon. lol

Everyone was so much fun and seeing all the cosplayers was a blast. Some of my favorites characters and I was really impressed by the quality. Loved talking to all the people as they stopped at the booth and chatting with our other neighbors in Artist Alley as well. We were lucky enough to be in some really fun company! The two ladies next door to us especially were great. They’re called “Toon Twins” because they are in fact twins who draw adorable little fanarts for badges and keychains and such. So cute! (I went home with and Undertaker badge – from Kuroshitsuji – that said “Got jokes?” and the besties got matching “Got yaoi?” badges for Junjou Romantica.) I also bought a couple of necklaces from the booth across the aisle – they were fun too – but sadly they don’t have a website for their killer steampunk jewelry…

We worked our butts off this weekend but I think we can all agree that this is definitely the life that we want – going to conventions, sharing our work, meeting people. Building our brands has become a much more serious focus. It was kind of surreal getting up and going back to work on Monday. It felt like we had an amazing adventure and then had to somehow just go back to our normal every day life.

I couldn’t have been happier with how my Cuddle Buddies were received. And it was nice to finally have my work appreciated and not hear people saying that I was charging too much – actually had a few who thought I wasn’t charging enough! Unfortunately my brain just never stops taking in inspiration and churning out new ideas so I have so many things going on in my head right now. If I get even half of what I’m thinking of in the works I will definitely need my own table when we start conventions again next year. BUT we’ve still got our table at NijiCon next month before I start gearing up with new ideas for future merch and conventions that we haven’t even applied to yet.

~ Seth

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