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I’m packing as we speak! lol

Originally posted on Once upon a time..Tales from Carmel by the Sea:

Carmel -by-the Sea has enchanting architecture. But the most enchanting to me are the fairytale cottages built by Hugh Comstock.  Hugh’s wife, Mayotta, made and sold rag dolls that she named “Otsy -Totsys”.  When her dolls outgrew their home , she asked Hugh to build her a Doll House to use for her sales and as a showroom. And so he built


In 1925, Hugh and Mayotta decided to build a second house on their parcel of land and named it


For more about Hansel click on the following links:



And in that same year, they built still another home of adobe and Carmel stone…

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Flickr 2014/02/19

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I’ve started updating my photo gallery on Flickr. I’ve still got a ways to go but at least it’s seeing some updated activity. So if you’re on Flickr, come check out my pictures. :)


Ta-da! 2013/12/27

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Well I think my fussy re-design of the site is all done! I’m really happy with the new look of the pages and I think the navigation flows better now. There’s lots of bright color and lots (and lots!) of pictures now..

I wonder if I should put up some of the black and whites that I haven’t colored yet… would anyone be interested in that? I mean, they’re not very exciting in black and white.. unless you enjoy the evolution from black and white to color.. Ah well, I’ll worry about that later.


I have some newer dolls that I haven’t gotten pictures of yet. I definitely need to get on that because I’m so so happy with the embroidered eyes. They’re really beautifull. I can’t wait to make some ponies with the embroidered eyes..


I’ve just finished the Spirit (Papa) from “Soul Eater” that I was working on right before Christmas. I’ll get those picture uploaded soon. :)


Let me know what you think of the site! The whole point is trying to make a shinier, easier to navigate site for you so I’d love your feedback on how I did!




Mucking About 2013/12/24

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scrap-dragon-lido-2013-07-sleepy 1656x1246

This is Lido. He’s my newest baby scrap dragon. He’s a little rockstar! Okay, well, not when he’s looking all cute and snuggly for naptime.. but when it’s karaoke time! Then he’s all air guitar and rock screams and stage dives off the speakers. Thank goodness he’s plush! He’s up for adoption right now in my Etsy store.

.Besides a rowdy little baby dragon, I’ve been making a mess of things myself recently! I’m in the process of updating all the website pages here (you might have noticed?). I’m hoping they will have better navigation and be brighter, more energetic. Shaking things up a bit for the New Year, ya know?

.Let me know what you think! And have a very very Merry Christmas!








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Is This Really Handmade? 2013/09/07

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What really makes something “handmade”?

I read an interesting article this morning about the debate over whether an item should be listed as handmade or not, based on what goes into the stages of its creation. This is a question constantly brewing in my mind because I sometimes feels shamed by what some people put in the Etsy store descriptions.

“100% Handmade. NO MACHINE SEWING. All hand sewing!”

This makes me feel like maybe I don’t have the right to call my Cuddle Buddies handmade, because I do use my sewing machine for the simpler parts of the process to speed up my work just a little. I don’t think it’s fair, though, to take away my handmade tag and want to put me in the same category as dolls mass-produced in factories and sweat shops. Yes, I do use a sewing machine, but every piece of my dolls is cut by hand and most, if not all, of their clothes are hand sewn on to their little body. At this point I hand-embroider their eyes but I may learn to do the embroidery on the machine eventually. Their hair is soft sculpted – I cut out all these little random pieces and stitch each one into place like assembling a puzzle.

My Cuddle Buddies are assembled one by one with my two hands. Each one is different from all the others. Even when I make two or three dolls at the same time, they never come out all the same. Every one of my cuddly little babies is unique. While I may use a sewing machine, I am not a machine. I cannot mass produce the exact same toy over and over so that when you put them on the shelf they are carbon copies of each other.

I put love and great attention to detail in every doll that I make. I give every doll its own special care and treatment. I sit here in my crafty space or at work or watching tv with my family and work on my dolls. I am not an assembly line.

I make all of my Cuddle Buddies with the intention of spreading joy to whoever takes them home. And I think that is what makes something handmade. Not whether you used a sewing machine but whether you sewed with love and happyness in your heart for your creation and the soul who would receive it when you sent it out into the world.


~ Seth






Conventions next year! 2013/09/01

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So my roommate got a message from the people who set up RamenCon and it looks like we weren’t personally shunned (yay!) just that they were having some serious problems with their networking and communication. Also, apparently, they’re having a row with the host hotel, but that’s another matter entirely.

Since we have missed the chance to get into this year’s convention because of these miscommunications on their part, they have offered us a reserved spot in the Artist’s Alley for next year’s convention. Woot! So it looks like we need to get back to building up some stock for the table next year.

I’m happy to hear that it was a problem on their end because we had all been looking really forward to getting a table in their Artist’s Alley this year. I was, of course, going to be selling my Cuddle Buddies, as well as some other projects I was working on – character cosplay hoodies (like the My Little Pony ones I’ve made), some character face purses. And the besties were going to be selling their books from Wandering Stars Press. They’ve already published book one of Monster, Inertia, and Ghost House, with book two of Monster about to publish.

So we’re all excited about next year! We might even hit another convention before RamenCon – which is in September – if we get the opportunity.


~ Seth




Looking ahead 2013/08/31

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Ban and Ginji

Ban and Ginji

So I sold 4 dolls this month! Wow! I know that may not seem like a lot, but up to this point my commissions and adoptions have been coming in one or two at a time. Suddenly, my Etsy shop is looking kinda empty! lol Now that’s the kind of problem that I like to have, you know?

I guess that I will have to start finishing up some of the projects that I’ve been working on recently so I can get some more plushies in stock. I’ve also got some commissions spaces that I’m going to list there I think.

Right now I’m working on a commission of Mashiro and  Shuujin from the anime Bakuman. I’m making an extra set to list in my store when they’re done. After working on these guys, I may have to make myself an Eiji (he’s my favorite character).

The person who bought my Ban and Ginji plushies expressed interest in an Akabane (I’m assuming to torture the Ginji plush when Ban’s not looking) so I may end up making one of those.

I’m excited at the idea of finally getting some notice online! Especially since the amazing video review I had got taken down for some reason and the shop that contacted me about carrying my dolls locally never got back to me. I have faith that everything will work out in the end, so I’ll just keep sewing in the mean time. :)


~ Seth





Happy dance! Happy dance! 2013/08/13


filly Pinkie Pie

filly Pinkie Pie


It might seem silly but I get so excited every time someone adopts one of my dolls or they request a custom order. I just start thinking about sending my little plushie creation off to its new home and the big smile on the face of its new owner when they open the package. That giggle as they can’t help but give their new Cuddle Buddy a hug.. It just gives me such a feeling of joy!

Every plushie that I make – my schwoopie dolls, dragons, ponies – have so much love and happyness put into their creation. I won’t pretend that there aren’t some complicated parts or that the hand-embroidering on the eyes I’m doing now isn’t tedious or time-consuming, but it’s all done with joy in my heart knowing how happy they are going to make someone.

I also love the exploration of doll-making. Trying new techniques, new fabrics, playing with ribbons, flowers, rick rack and buttons. I really enjoy the process of building the dolls layer by layer, stitch by stitch. I settle in at my work space with my music up and my headphones on to shut out any roommate distractions (not their fault really, I am easily distracted!). I pick out a couple of my favorite albums and put them on repeat and I’m chair-dancing my way to creative bliss.  I do my best, of course, to keep the singing at a reasonable volume, but they tell me I pretty much fail at that since I can’t actually hear how loud I am. LOL. It’s especially lovely in my little crafty corner with the vibrant new valance I created.

Although I will confess the floor in my room gets to be a bit of a disaster – little bits of stray fabric and thread. I try really hard to make sure I catch all the little pins though. Don’t want to find those the hard way in the middle of the night. And no matter how many times I “straighten up” and “organize the fabric stash” there always seem to be piles of fabric and old clothes piled here and there. My stash really is out of hand, I confess, but I have such a hard time getting rid of anything for fear I will find the perfect project to use it on as soon as it’s gone… I’m sure I’m not the only sewist with this paralyzing fear.

So how do you keep your overflowing stash under control? Are you any better at it than I am?


~ Seth





Think Happy Thoughts #2 2013/08/06

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family night
a kitchen full of laughter
listening to children tell stories
spinning around & around till you get dizzy
impromptu poetry
“groaner” jokes
inside jokes
homemade cake with messy frosting
chasing children
catching lightning bugs
shooting off fireworks in the backyard
the county fair
handmade birthday cards
looking at family photos with the youngins
your own uniqueness
teddy bears
getting to see each other again after a long separation
helping your big sister plan her wedding
being a bridesmaid in your sister’s wedding
fresh-cut flowers
the anticipation of the first date
…..then telling your grandkids about it
shopping with your sister for her wedding gown
….and being the one to pick it out
butt-dancing Santas
Christmas angels
charm bracelets
the Christmas dept. of the store
running into an old friend
really bad 80s music
cheesy 80s music
Disney movies
shooting stars
group ritual
swimming with no one else around
hot showers
spontaneous travel
hiking the hard trail
magnetic poetry
children singing
Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream
new clothes- even if they’re just “new to you”
piggy-back rides
balloon animals
stupid thong jokes
sidewalk chalking adventures
wrapping presents
homemade Christmas ornaments
guardian angels with crooked halos
finding secret notes
birthday wishes
way too big ice cream sundaes
messy birthday kids
“pet” squirrels
West [by God] Virginia
walking barefoot in the creek



What makes you happy?




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