We Have Our Own History

photo-1428959249159-5706303ea703 by garrett carroll

It honestly is hard sometimes to not practically deify our spiritual teachers. You’re thinking “OMG you are so much wiser than me! What would I have done without you!?” This gifted, intelligent voice of reason in your times of frustration, depression or struggle. You feel like they’ve saved you from yourself… It’s a slippery slope from gratitude to worship when it comes to mentors and teachers. And when one person you admire calls out another of your teachers it can cause a serious emotional conflict. “But.. but they’re so brilliant. They’ve helped me so much in the past…” You don’t know which way to turn.

It’s okay to listen to both teachers because no one is write all the time. No one has all the answers.

Thus is the beauty of the human experience – that we all have our own history, our own wounds and our own perspective to teach from. Each of us has unique gifts and wisdom of our own to share, birthed in us by our wounds and grown in the fertile soul of self exploration.

~ Seth

original digital painting by Nevi Star

Source: Shining Imperfectly


Good point!

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Just Do You


You were not born for nothing. In you, in the terrific, singular way life has shaped you, there is a truth that is yours to tell. You may say: Not me. You may think: What I have done in this lifetime is to follow orders well. Not true. There is an undercurrent. You dream. You have something to say that we need to hear… Smash a hammer to the geode that is you. Shine a light on what is most beautiful, heartbreaking, and real for you in life and in your heart. Then let this vision be known, let us be made right, made whole, be dazzled by your truth. – Mackey Alston, documentary filmmaker

It is a sad thing that people think they’re boring. Because they don’t live exciting, adventurous, famous lives. But every soul has value. Every soul has a story. Every person has a gift that is unique to them. That thing that only they can do in the way they do it. You don’t have to be big and loud and cataclysmic or tragic. With a heartbreaking, painful story of adversity and survival. You have lived a life. You have experienced ups and downs, hurts and pains. Not every story has to be CNN-worthy to be valuable and meaningfull.

You must understand that you are the only you there will ever be. If you don’t create, express, speak your words and give your wisdom, no one will. No one else will ever have your voice or your words. No one else will ever have your eye for colour or your ear for music.

I know that I have felt more than once that there is something wrong or not good enough with my artwork or sewing. I’ve been told that I’m not doing it “right” but what does that mean? How can I be doing me wrong?? Because that’s all I’m doing. Being and expressing myself as authentically as possible.

That’s all any of us can do.

So just do you. Just promise yourself that you will be as authentic as possible. That you will look inside your heart with honesty and integrity and hold to your values when you create and when you make your choices. Express yourself in the only way you really can – in your way.

~ Seth

A Blessed Day Off

158HToday was just a really nice day. Nothing major going on, really… but just a nice afternoon with my besties.

See, Venus in retrograde (in Leo/Virgo) is proving to be even rougher on my little pirate crew than Mercury retrograde can sometimes be – and they’re no picnic! But the themes of this Venus retrograde are all about assessing your values and the things in your life that you’re giving value to. (I’m in Part 4 of the Venus retrograde podcast by Robert Ohotto, so I’ve still got a ways to go with all the energies at work over the next 3 months. If you haven’t heard of Robert, you really need to listen to his radio show! He’s fantastik! And his retrograde podcasts have brought so much understanding when life gets hella crazy.) There has definitely been a lot of that going on and it hasn’t all been easy-peasy. Things got a little brutal the other night but we took the time the next day to sit down and talk through what was going on and I feel like we really heard each other this time.

It can be scary to let down your carefully crafted defenses, even with those you love. Especially if you’ve spent a long time cultivating those defenses.. I am grateful to have friends who love each other enough to come back to the minefield and have a real, deep conversation.  Sometimes life gets away with you and you forget that you have to be gentle with each other. Yes, it is a beautifull and authentic friendship with you can be honest with each other, lucky not to have to play mind games or walk on eggshells because you might say the wrong thing. But you have to be careful. That authenticity can start to take on something more like “brutal honesty” where saying your piece is all that matters, even if it can cause serious damage to your loved ones. We must remember that honesty is so important, but people are fragile and easily breakable. You don’t have to use kid gloves, but you need to practice awareness with your words.

Is your honest thought necessary to speak?

Is it possible that your words could do more harm than good to your loved ones spirit?

Where is your honesty coming from? Is it really authentic, or is it coming from a wounded place in you?

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we’re being honest when in reality we are being vindictive because we feel that we have been wronged or ignored somehow. We need to be vulnerable enough to say when we are hurt, when we are lonely and feeling ignored. Maybe then we can have more space for someone else’s pain because ours has been heard.

I am grateful for my friends, my pirate crew, my family. My nakama. I am grateful that we were able to be honest and kind and gentle with each others pain. I am grateful for the beautifull afternoon that we got to spend together. I am grateful for what felt like rewards from the Universe for making important and difficult choices about our values.

We traded in some old books we didn’t want anymore and Half Price Books gave us enough that all the books we wanted were basically free, and we had a little leftover for snacks. We discovered Fresh Thyme, which is similar to a Whole Foods. They had the most amazing deli sandwiches and build-you-own-pizza. We sat in their cute little hidden lunch area and just enjoyed the sunshine streaming in through the windows and the music playing along with our conversation. They also had cupcakes from Sweet Ali’s Bakery, which are heaven.

Like I said, it was just a really nice afternoon with a sunshiney drive and beloved friends.

What has Venus retrograde been doing in your life? Has it been bringing up values for assessment? Maybe showing your places in your life where you or your gifts are being undervalued?


Beauty in You, and In Your World


I’ll be honest. When I logged on tonight, it was with the intention of posting a rant to FB about a customer at my hotel job who upset me, but grace intervened. I got distracted by the little red notification icon on the top of the page and found this blog by Dr. Flanagan. I always enjoy his posts – filled with imperfection and grace and a fresh perspective that I dearly need (usually just when I need it). His post was about beauty. Not cosmetic beauty, but the kind that exists around us on a daily basis that maybe we miss.

How often do we find ourselves pounding through our day on rushed feet with angry strides and completely missing all of the beauty around us?

How often do you take the time to drink in the blue sky, the clouds, the flowers, the birds, the simple magic happening all around you?

I wonder how our moods would shift if we took the time to cultivate awareness of the beautifull things we ignore in our busy lives and maybe we could point out that beauty to someone else who maybe needs a little brightening.

What a shame to think that we trudge through our days, checking off to-do lists, running errands, but completely missing all the beauty of life going on around you. Why don’t we try, the next time we’re out, to cultivate awareness of life’s beauty going on around us. How about instead of filling our FB feeds with bitterness, rants and random offense-to-everything posts, we share photos of our gardens, our neighborhoods, that flowering bush by the post office, the deer hiding in the neighbor’s evergreens. Let’s cultivate beauty together and watch it flourish and grow!

~ Seth

PADS Saturday–Kid Rocks Out to Cuba Pete at Local Swimming Pool


Every day is better with a little spontaneous dance party!

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Not gonna lie, it’s been a tough week.  So I think it’s time for a PADS Saturday?  What’s a PADS Saturday you ask?  It’s a blog featuring a


Act of



Frankly, I love this kid.  I love him even more than this guy (and that’s sayin’ something)

He is clearly talented and having a blast.  And a big thumbs up to the people in this kid’s life who allows him to feel supported and loved.  And that’s my message to you today–who do you know who needs to be supported and loved?  How can you help somebody out there to live their purpose, be their full and true selves and shake their groove thing?  What can we all do to help make the world a little better?  Because, I’m telling you, this week I’m feeling the need to make a better world.


Jeanette DePatie (AKA The…

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Today was a beautifull and glorious day! I woke up to the sound of my roommates laughing and crying and hugging and being overjoyed because they have been partners for 17 years this September and finally where they live will not be determined by which states don’t discriminate against us. Marriage Equality is now the law of the land! Legal in all 50 states. No more worrying that your marriage won’t be recognized in the state where you live because you had to drive hours away to even get married legally. Now we get the same rights as everyone else when we get married. Today was a stunning victory for LOVE and for everything that is right and good. Discrimination in any flavor is wrong and it’s truly a gift to have a weight this heavy lifted from our spirits.

I am blessed to know that no matter who I fall in love with in the future, we can legally bind our lives together in a pledge of strength and support.

Good News All Around!

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First and foremost, GAY MARRIAGE IS NOW LEGAL IN THE US!!!  Now, we can just have marriage like everyone else.  No more arguing, fighting, or trying to figure out what state to live in so I can marry the love of my life!  Let’s just take a moment to really feel that and be grateful for the times we live in.

If that wasn’t enough, we also woke up this morning to find that our Illustrated eBook of the Parliament of Twilight: Episode 1 was in the top 100 for two different categories on Amazon!

ranking POT illustrated 1

Super awesome, right?

Then, we have even more big news.  The cover reveal event for TWO of our upcoming novels went live on Facebook today with this:


Don’t miss out on the Double or Nothing Cover Reveal for the Parliament of Twilight books! Episode 3 and the special illustrated edition of Episode 2 are going…

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A Picture’s Worth

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Malachite and Marius Just one of the ten amazing pictures that will be in the Parliament of Twilight Episode 2 Illustrated Edition!!

Finished the formatting for the paperback version of Parliament of Twilight Episode 2 tonight!  And the cover is looking super nice as well.  It just needs a few little tweaks.  We will probably be ready to order a proof copy by the end of the weekend.  The eBook format will take a little longer, since it is really tricky getting the pictures in just right.  We should have an official release date anytime now!

Also, while we are talking about the pictures, in the coming weeks, we will be updating our Zazzle and Etsy stores to include several different ways you can get full color versions of some of the illustrations.  Stay tuned for more info about that.

Is there one that you are particularly fond of?  Let me know via…

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Rainy Days Make Me Nostalgic

Droplets On a Glass

Whenever we have a really rainy day it makes me wish I still had a magic shelter balcony to enjoy it. There was this one second floor apartment that I had with an attached balcony that sat over the front porch. Technically we weren’t supposed to be on it because the floor of the balcony/roof of the porch wasn’t 100% solid, but there’s no way I’m having a balcony and not being on it. When we moved in there were nails and screws put through the door into the door frame to keep it from opening but I told Johnny (my boyfriend at the time) in no uncertain terms that he was to get the door open for me.  I was very careful putting too much weight on the middle of the floor, though, and kept mostly to the walls around it. Blissfully, they were nearly a foot wide and wonderful to sit on.

I’ve always loved rainy days for the calm that settles over me (not if it’s storming of course) and the energy that buzzes in the air. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain. So it was truly a gift for me to be able to sit out in the rain under the covered balcony, sheltered by the trees and listen to the sound of the rain making music with the tinkling of my wind chimes..


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